Model Spotlight: AsianBabyDoll

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AsianBabyDoll’s Chat Room:

1) We all know you are asian but what specifically is your nationality? I am from the Philippines and I love the many different kinds of food we have here. I also love the warm weather we have. But sometimes it’s too hot!! I thank God for air conditioning! When I hear my visitors talking about the cold and snow they have I’m so glad I live here. But, I would like to see snow and play in it.

2) You describe your body as petite, how small are you? I am 5 feet tall and my boobs are a 33c. I weigh 45 kilos. Guys love my boobs especially my hard nipples. I love playing with my nipples they are so sensitive and the guys love it!

3) What is your alcoholic drink of choice? I don’t drink a lot but when I do drink I like to drink wine. I sometimes have a party in my room and my visitors love it when I get tipsy!

4) If we looked inside your purse what would we find?  In my purse right now is liquid foundation, liquid eyeliner, black eyeliner, eye shadow, blush on,superlash mascara lipstick, lipgloss, my phone and I’ve got some cash. Everything a teenage girl needs.

5) Do you have any hidden talents? My main hobby is my family and my niece and nephew my niece has just been born this month. I also love designing my room and the costumes I wear and I like to surprise my visitors with my new styles. I am constantly thinking of new ideas for my cam shows.

6) What is a typical Sunday afternoon like? On Sunday afternoon I like to go to my local Mall with my girlfriends and we spend the afternoon looking at all the clothes and shoes and this is when I choose the clothes for my shows. I think I have a good idea about what guys like to see me dressed in and I like to please them. One time i came home with 32 pairs of sexy panties! I am also very passionate about shoes, I love them!

7) Are you really a 19 year old virgin? Yes, i really am 19 years old and yes i really am a virgin! I am saving myself for the one true love of my life. When I have found him he will have the best of me and he will know I save myself just for him. I imagine my first time i will be a little nervous but i am also looking forward to it. If the guy is the right guy I know it will be good for us both.

8) Do you have any secret crushes on anyone at Chaturbate? I can’t answer that! It’s a secret! My 7 husbands would divorce me!! lol

9) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? I consider all the close special friends I’ve met on Chaturbate are the best gifts I’ve got and every time i get a tip it’s a gift!

10) When you like a guy how do you show it? When I like a guy I focus all my attention on him and make him feel special.

11) Any embarrassing moments caught on cam? The only time I get embarrassed is when I dance on cam. I feel awkward and clumsy and not very sexy especially when i dance to Mambo No. 5

12) Where is the wildest place you have done a webcam show? I have only ever broadcast from my room. But i often fantasize about being naughty and
broadcasting from a public place and flashing to my visitors. The sense of danger would make me horny!

13) What is the wildest request you have received while on webcam? I’ve not had any really wild requests but i remember there was a guy who took me private once
and all he asked me to do was sit there with my mouth open till he cum. That was so weird!

14) Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I am really a very shy person but working on Chaturbate has really helped me build my confidence with the support of my friends here.

15) Is there a quote you live by? “You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough” Mae West

16) Do you really know martial arts? I used to practice Muay Thai but don’t really have the time to follow that as much as I’d like to because i am so busy with my college and cam work. All the rest are just meant as a joke.

17) Any guilty pleasures?  I love reading Romance stories. They take me to another place and they make me think about my life as a woman. I’m also a woman and of course I love chocolate!!! Ferrero Rocher is my favorite once I start eating chocolate I can’t stop till it’s all gone. And I really, really love lollipops!

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