Model Spotlight: Bitchassfuckingfuck

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Bitchassfuckingfuck’s Chat Room

1) How did you come up with your Alter Ego “bitchassfuckingfuck”? I felt like this really explained my personality and how I don’t have to try to be super sexy, it just happens :) Everyone seems to like my name and remembers me!

2) In your opinion what is the best thing about being 18 years old? Best thing about being 18 is that I can finally explore being sexy! I can go into sex shops and of course Chaturbate! ;)

3) You describe yourself as skinny. How small are you? I am 105 pounds, 5’1 and a 32b… small everything :)

4) What kind of body decorations do you have? I have 2 tattoos, one is a cover up and 7 piercings, all facial but my gauges, 0’s :) I would say my rose cover up tattoo is my favorite :) I plan on getting a full sleeve and leg piece. I love art and want it all over my body!

5) Who is Mr. and Mrs. Baff? That would be my fiance and I. Baff stands for bitchassfuckingfuck and our fans came up with  that nickname for us. :)

6) Do you have any fetishes? I love getting spanked, choked, slapped, and some reason leashes, these are my favorite because I love being dominated, I’m very submissive… I also have a fetish with my feet getting played with! Mr. Baff and I enjoy exploring new ones everyday. ;)

7) What is the last spontaneous thing you have done? I would have to say getting engaged to my fiance at 18 and him being so much older than me or having sex in my parents house for the first time finally ;)

8) Name your ultimate favorite movie: 21 jump street would have to be it. I was laughing so hard I was crying in the theater

9) Describe a typical Friday night: Typical friday night would have to be chaturbating, or  playing my favorite video game, “League of Legends” with Mr. Baff.  I’m too Young to go out to bars and most clubs unfortunately ;(

10) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?   If I could go anywhere in the world, it would have to be Africa because they have some of the most exotic animals. Everything’s bigger there ;)

11) Any embarrassing moments caught on webcam? …To many to count haha. Probably when I tripped over myself and fell on cam during a show!

12) Do you have any Chaturbate crushes? Omg where do I even start? I love all my crushes on chaturbate but I think  Aphy (chillwavecpl) and Brinababy has to be some of my biggest inspirations!

13) What is the best thing about being blonde? Best thing about being blonde is its natural :) I dye it to make it blonder but I was born blonde  :) Not everyone can say that!

14) Where is the wildest place you have done a webcam show?  I haven’t done anything too wild yet! I plan on it though. Wildest would have to be Chaturbating at my mothers house and keeping it hidden! Trying to be quiet is very hard… :)

15) Do you have any hidden talents? hmm.. Hidden talents would have to be I took ballet as a child and I play video games A LOT. I also can play violin and trumpet. :)

16) What is the wildest request you have received while webcamming?  Omg, this was great. Some guy named irateobject came into my room and was talking about Justin Beiber… I started to play him and dance around the room… He ended up tipping me 1000+ tokens for Justin Beiber as a request. hahah.

17) Do you have any guilty pleasures? Honestly… it would have to be I love watching shows like Jersey Shore and Bad Girls Club……. also, boiled peanuts and sunflower seeds!

18) Is there a quote you live by? “It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.” -Andre Gide, autumn leaves

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