Model Spotlight: Kosplay_Keri

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Kosplay_Keri Chat Room:

1) How did you come up with the screen name Kosplay_Keri? I love to cosplay (translating to newbs that means I like to dressup and roleplay as fictional characters), I’ve been dressing up as long as I can remember, and eventually it turned into my kink and is now a well  developed fetish.  Keri is my name.  I put the 2 together in a way that looks elegant and there you have it!  I figured the name describes me better then saying something plain like “SexyKeri” or “xXxKeri”

2) Who is your favorite character? Sailor Jupiter was my favorite character for a very long time, but her personality ran dry on me after taking her to the camming level.  My favourite character now is Harley Quinn from Batman! I love her because she has an admirable innocence behind her evil mischief! I can act like a total dumbass and no one knows if I did something on purpose, or if it’s all part of being Harley! I now have 3 unique variations of Harley Quinn including a Lolita Harley Quinn, a Harley coat, and her original suit.  My fans love her/me!

3) Do you have any body decorations? In order, I had my ears pieced when I was 3 and it hurt like hell! I had my bellybutton pierced at 21 as a Birthday gift from my bestie! I have a heart tattoo on my stomach which was inspired by an animation I saw at my 1st Elton John concert in Las Vegas and it hurt pretty badly.  More interestingly I have a half leg sleeve of Nintendo tattoos on my left leg! The leg tattoos didn’t hurt at all! The artist uses modern equipment that barely makes a sound! I started off with a Blue flying Yoshi chasing a star of invincibility, and have since expanded to include: Raccoon Mario, Boo the ghost, a green para-troopa, a fireball, a Lakitu holding a spiny, a Flying Goomba, and a Question block!  But there’s more! I’m getting more Nintendo themed tattoos on March 10th! I’m going to get a vine growing out of a music box with a Piranha plant growing out of it and spitting a frost ball, and the Magi-Koopa Kamek flying on his broom! If I have any more room after that I may get a few coins in there. I am going to take a time lapse video of my next tattoo on March 10th!

4) Does your boyfriend ever join on you on webcam? At the risk of sounding like a slut, he’s not my boyfriend, but yes I quite often have a male guest (Screen name Captain James T. Enterthighs) who joins me on cam, and he is fully interactive playing the part of the character he’s dressed as! Did I mention I have a cosplay fetish?  Roleplaying is my foreplay!  The characters that he has done so far are: Batman, The Riddler, The Joker (Mark Hamill style), Tuxedo Mask, Gaston, Ronald McDonald, Harry Potter, Mario, Luigi and The Beast.  I personally have a thing for the Joker, along with a few other characters!  This list will continue to expand!  He’s also been known to puppeteer Sebastion the crab during my solo shows as Ariel!

5) What was the last spontaneous thing you have done? Although it had SOME planning, I’ve videotaped some drive-thru action with my HD camcorder! This drive-thru action happened to include Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar, and they even made a stop at Wendy’s! Check out my Youtube channel to see that video and some teasers of some of my cosporns that I have for sale on Chaturbate! don’t forget to watch them in full HD!

6) What happens when you’re tipped 2,500 tokens? Oh boy! When the bomb is dropped, it’s a moment of tension, and often an argument starts up!  At this point, the tipper (or highest tipper if it’s a shared effort) gets to choose which one of us is going to get some anal action!  In the past anal was always a very touchy subject for me, I really objected!  People kept on asking me and asking me, so I finally decided to offer my anal virginity for 5000 tokens and secretly hoped that no one would take me up on my offer!  Never doubt teamwork, it seemed like every user/model on Chaturbate was inclined to make this happen!  Now that I’ve had anal, I see the appeal, but don’t forget that I have other needs up front as well! So I’m alright with anal now, so why do we argue if I enjoy it now??? Because I FUCKING LOVE femdom! Holy shit that was an awesome experience!  I have a feeldoe named Randy with a little vibrator that goes in the back end of it, and when I’m wearing Randy, it takes a lot of self control not to go ape-shit and assfuck Captain Enterthighs as hard as it takes to give me what I need!  You may think that my chances to wear Randy would be very seldom, but Jayshade01 LOVES to see Captain Enterthighs squirm!  It seems that the more he fights, the more Randy he gets!  The very mention of Randy, or the sound of a high tip can cause Captain Enterthighs to break character momentarily! At his very lowest, he was nearly in tears and threw off his Ronald McDonald wig!

7) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? I will certainly miss some, but I can certainly give some highlights! The gift that made the most difference for me was my HD camcorder! That camcorder has led me to put a lot more pride and effort into each production that I make. videos take me a long time to make and I try to treat each one like a miniature movie, moreso with my newer productions I don’t just pop out a video in a day! I’ve received boxes of cereal and cake mix they don’t sell in Canada, plushies, giftcards, a silk robe, lots of DVDs, sex toys, shoes and boots, costumes, wigs, blankets, pajamas, collectables, video games, the housecoat I’m wearing right now and even cookware! If you buy me something, I take 2 pictures of myself with that object, I share 1 with everyone, and the other is just for you! You can see most of them in gifts album on my Chaturbate bio!

8) Do you have any hidden talents? Hidden from who? Not from you guys!!! I am the queef queen! I can queef a tune on a party horn, queef out the flame on a candle, or if you fill me up I can queef like the blowhole of a whale which is a fan favourite! My other talents revolve around my acting and improv skills! It’s such a compliment to hear people come into my room and claim that the show is either scripted or recorded! When I’m on with Captain Enterthighs we go into full out theatre mode, we’re in character and if we’re not making you hard, we’re making you laugh! Whatever it takes to make you laugh will be sought after! If you want taboo, my room is the place to be! If you’re offended, then you’re too mature for my room! I recently impressed celebrity Jim Sterling who uploaded a reaction video of himself watching my chungus as Luigi and Yoshi onto Youtube. I do my best with my voice acting, but my pride and joy is Harley Quinn, everyone says that I sound, act and talk just like her!

When it comes to acting/roleplaying, I don’t know when I found out about the skill, I’ve simply always done it! My queefing is a different story! I found out I could queef when I was taking a bath and cleaning my pussy. I put my knees up to my chest as I always did, and this one time I sneezed, I blew the water out of me and above the surface of the bath! The next time I took in the water, I forced it out without a sneeze, and found that I had complete control of my pussy. I’ve been doing it so long that I simply assumed all girls could do it! Guys tell me it feels good when I clench my pussy on their cocks too :p

9) What song/band could you listen on repeat all day long and never be tired of it? Elton John is my fucking hero! I don’t care what any gay bashers say! He’s the one who inspired me to take my cosplay out of my home and into school and other public places! I came across him in a very uninteresting manner, my father bought a greatest hits CD of Elton when I was young, and I really enjoyed his music, then I got obsessed and enjoyed his life story as well! I relate to Elton John because I was an outcast loser throughout school because my interests and thoughts weren’t in conformity with the “regular” kids. When I was a kid, girls who were nerds were even BIGGER losers then guys who were nerds! I was a nerd before it was cool!

10) What is the wildest request you have received while webcamming? THE SNOOPY DANCE! I have to curse lance2000 for this one! He started me on this bullshit dance! And I both love it and hate it! Allow me to explain. When I’m dressed as Harley Quinn, I will often put an intermediate goal called “Snoopy dance” into my room topic, what this means is that I get mostly naked and then turn on the Peanuts theme song which varies between 3-4 minutes depending on which version I happen to click that day. During the dance I attempt to mimic the movements that snoopy the beagle does! The one where he sticks his arms out, looks straight up into the air, and runs/dances on the spot as quickly as he can. It’s a crowd pleaser!

I also broke my anal cherry (not to be confused with anal virginity) using a Lightsaber! Because I only have 2 hands, I started using my feet to fuck myself instead of my hands! I did this so that I would have my hands free to use a vibrator while fucking myself with an awkwardly long object!

11) Have you ever had an embarrassing moment while broadcasting? I wouldn’t necessarily call this as an embarrassment, but the wall in my main broadcasting room had a hole crashed into it during a Resident Evil show featuring Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield by accident! Thanks to xsweetdreamx the footage of the wall break was captured and that’s the best way to see exactly what happened! The embarrassing part is the shitty patch job! The video is also on my Chaturbate bio!

12) Do you have any crushes on anyone at Chaturbate? I wouldn’t exactly call them crushes as much as being fond of them and what they bring to my room! As my regulars might notice, this list happens to be my moderators! generalsqueaky – Rarely misses a show, quick to silence rule breakers, adds to the atmosphere. jayshade01 – OTHER then tormenting the Captain, he’s quick to get rid of the idiots who toe the line on rule breaking! I think he’s a little sadistic personally :p He’s been with me a LONG time! lance2000 – He’s apparently a diesel powered choo choo train… uses his cowcatch on spammers! And apparently he has some hidden wisdom or something. nevermore26 – Newest mod, advertises my videos since he’s so damned impressed with them! Brings fun to the room. xsweetdreamx – Rarely misses a show, offers great encouragement to would-be tippers! She’s got an impressive set of boobies too! :D

13) Where is the craziest place you have done a webcam show from? Unfortunately I broadcast from a desktop computer and don’t have the opportunity to broadcast from elsewhere. I would like to get a tablet to change all of that. I do however film my pornos in different locations! I made Saturn’s Secret Wish in my backyard at night with a few dozen candles for lighting, and I made a voyeur video in Disney World on the Mission Space ride! I had my camera and a pod all to myself!

14) Are you into video games? I’m still stuck on how people are NOT into video games! What do you do with your time? Seriously! My favourite games are casual platformers, mostly Mario, but I’ve grinded my fair share of RPGs as well! I’ve just finished Super Mario 3D World and now I’m waiting for a new (old) game to arrive in the mail! I LOVE Japanese Psychological horror games, and once Rule of Rose comes in I’m gonna have a lot of fun creeping myself out! Also looking forward to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

15) Tell us about your favorite sex toy: My favourite toy is my “Original Wild ‘G'” I named it Twilight Sparkle because it’s purple. It’s a G spot stimulator with a clit vibrator on it and rotating beads! I love it because it gives me my FAVOURITE type of orgasm! I find it better then even the extremely expensive toys on the market. I’ve gone to the extreme of having a spare now, I had one of them burn out on me and it was NOT a fun experience to go without it! Down the road I’d like to see what all the fuss is about regarding the Sybian, I personally would rather spend my money on costumes, so I’m really hoping that somebody might get it for me? ;)

16) When you like someone how do you show it? I just make more time for that person, sitting in a room with 2 TVs playing video games simultaneously seems to really break the ice, especially when it’s summer time and you decide to strip down to your underpants when they go for a coffee refill! My flirtiness comes from my lack of any expression when nearly nude around the person! You’d be surprised how quickly a person will get comfortable with you when you don’t make a big deal of such petty things as clothes!

17) Do you attend anime expo’s? YES! For many years I only ever attended a single convention each year, but since I’ve got more costumes now, I have more of a chance to show them off! Fan Expo’s and Anime Conventions are a nerds dream! Nobody judges you on your appearance, nobody gets bullied, everyone just wants to have fun! It’s a place for like minded people, and the pervs taking pictures of them to get together in a single place! They range from only a few dozen people, all the way up to half a million people! The largest I’ve been to was 100,000 people! Celebrities are everywhere, it’s not a question of whether or not you will see a celebrity, but which one you want to talk to! So far this year I’ve booked tickets for Anime North in May and Fan Expo in August! Last year Linda Ballantyne stopped signing autographs to compliment my Hamburglar outfit, and Tara Strong’s agent stopped me and Ronald McDonald for a photo! I also had my picture taken with David Hasselhoff while dressed as the Hamburglar too! FUN! P.S. I don’t do handshakes! If you see me, and know who I am, glomping or hugging is the preferred greeting! 2014’s main costume theme will be Reboot!

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