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LanaRoseGold’s Chat Room:

1) How did you come up with the screenname LanaRoseGold? I decided to use as my screen name Lana Rose Gold because I was inspired by my favorite indie and baroque pop singer Lana Del Rey. She is truly a huge inspiration to me. Rose Gold came about my favorite tone of jewelry which half of my accessories are rose gold. I am soo addicted to it its a lil cray cray lol .

2) What is the best thing about being born in the 90’s? The best thing about the 90’s is being a kid of the 90’s the music, fashion, tv shows and last but not least the cartoons. I don’t think being born in the 90’s is cool in any way I just think being raised in the 90’s is the awesome part of it all, From Britney Spears, Xtina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, ‘N sync and Aqua. Made life a breeze for me growing up every time I here one of their song it totally brings me back to the good old days. The t.v. shows that to this day give me life like Save by the bell, Kenan & Kel, Boy meets world,Alex Mack,Friends,And OMG ALL THAT to me was all that lol. Cartoons omg I can go all dayy!!! Hey Arnold ,Power Puffs ,Dexter, The Wild Thornberrys, Sailor moon and my all time favorite AAAhh!! Real Monsters . I was born a day before Halloween so I lived for this cartoon as a kid.

3) Do you have any body decorations? I currently have only my ears pierced. I had my lip, tongue, and belly button ring in the past. I would like to get my septum done soon. I have 6 tattoos in total and a quarter sleeve they are all located in my left arm and shoulder. My most meaningful tattoos are my “V heart” in memory of my grandfather that past away a year ago & My crisis moon gem with wings from sailor moon in memory of my bird Magenta that past away in my teens in a tragic accident. I don’t care about the little pain & discomfort that you get once your getting tatted because its only temporary.

4) In your opinion what is the best thing about being American? The best thing about being american is the liberty & the freedom we have to be who ever you want to be. I am Puertorican witch makes me an american citizen. I am very proud to say I was born and raised in La Isla Del Encanto, Puerto Rico. I am truly wild & free just because I was lucky enough to my born in an island that’s so beautiful and also be an american I am truly lucky.

5) What was the last spontaneous thing you have done? The most spontaneous I believe is having sex on the 10th floor of a parking garage by the emergency stairs. It was a summer in New Jersey I was seeing this guy back when i was single and he worked in the parking garage and he took me there on his break lol. It was fun & exciting because if we got caught he was gonna loose his job but I was wearing as skirt so you know the saying easy access lol. So we went for it, wind blowing and all loved how he bent me over & pulled my hair hahaha! good times.

6) How big are your boobs? My breast size is 36 DD or 40 C. The great story about my breast is how they gave me confidence. I was always the quiet girl, a little geeky, in love with anime, until 8th grade my boobs turned to a 32 C which for 8th grade boys I was packing lol. They were wowed when I came back from summer. They were suddenly interested in me asking me how m day was flirting all of the above. That made me very confident and that’s how i got my first kiss in 8th grade wink wink. Thank you boobs -YELLS-

7) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? OMG I have the best fans ever, they have spoiled me rotten! I have received: ASUS Laptop, HD cam, computer desk, computer chair, dvds, make-up, many sex toys, wigs & vlothes. I am so thankful for every once of love they show me. Shout out to all my Diamond lovers & fans xoxo.

8) Do you have any hidden talents? Dancing! I danced for 10 years my fans love it when I shake my hips. The other thing which I hear 20 times a day, “Do you squirt?”. Yesssss, I do its my little hidden gift haha and its a great surprise for my cum shows.

9) What song/band could you listen on repeat all day long and never be tired of it? I have so many artist that I enjoy like Lana Del Rey, Marina & the diamonds which is my indie pop. I like to listen to this all day because it keep me happy & chill. Then the days I feel a lil more gangster lol and i want to listen to my hip hop, rap, trip hop and trap music.

10) What is the wildest request you have received while webcamming? The best request I had was to spread nutella on my breast and lick it off and I was like whatttttt lol this is awesome!!! I licked it so slowly enjoying every second of it, while looking deep into my cam. They went wild for it and I love nutella. Mmmmmmmm sweet daddy yes!

11) Have you ever had an embarrassing moment while broadcasting? Thank the Lord I’ve never had any crazy stuff happen when I am broadcasting. But my cat Mia loves to barge right in the middle of the shows and take center stage. The crazy part is she gets tipped!! lol I love my cat her personality is everything.

12) Do you have any crushes on anyone at Chaturbate? Wow. Theres so many I love: Ramona flour, Hazyeyedlovers, Ladyandthegent, Anamercury, Mackennadawn, Flbarbieandken, Hellcat_ , and Sugarbooty. These dolls are truly amazing!

13) Where is the craziest place you have done a webcam show? Well not to sound boring but I only Broadcast from my own home. For the first time I was at Exxxotica and I got to broadcast at Chaturbate’s booth. It was truly an amazing and fun experience. I loved how we got meet fans & have my fans online catch a glimpse of the action.

14) Are you into any fetishes? I don’t know if this counts as fetish but I love furries, futagirls, and anime roleplay. It’s really fun to me and I do it on a regular. I don’t dress up though, I role play online. I do bring the role play to my privates they make me so wet yum yum.

15) Tell us about your favorite sex toy: Well my favorite toys are my Hitachi & glass toys. They are truly amazing. They make me cum & orgasm every time, I don’t name my toys but I sure use the hell out of them. I’m on Hitachi number #2 since I blew my 1st on a full cum show lol. It’s my fans that showed me sum love and bought me one that came next day that’s why the Diamond Lovers ARE THE BEST! xoxo

16) Do you ever do boy/girl shows? I am a virgin when it comes to G/G show’s but I would love to do one asap! hahaha Hit me up if u like to link up. But I have done B/G 2 or 3 times with my boyfriend of 2 and a half years . He’s a little shy so I keep his info private but hes amazing . But seriously where ma girls at??? hahaha

17) If you can travel back in time, what era would you chose? It would be the 60’s or 70’s just because of the fashion. And I would of love to be here for when the Kennedy’s where around. It was a great era.

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