Model Spotlight: QuixoticButterfly

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QuixoticButterfly’s Chat Room:

1) How did you come up with the nickname QuixoticButterfly? “In my personal reality, the modern-day Quixote would certainly have to be a woman. Just like the Don – no more than an ingenious ‘hidalgo’ come to less through twists of fate. Unlike an old man of chivalry as such was the Don, she would have been a young overachieving nerd consumed by a delirious bookworm habit, heaving away her youth between the silent staring pages of a million strange tomes seeking giants with a thirst so fierce it evaporated her mind off into an adventure someplace in La Mancha.” -Nami

Don Quixote is easily the most recognizable character of Spanish literature outside of its original language – I wanted something that would represent my Hispanic origins and romantic upbringing with just a glance. As for butterfly: there’s only one animal whose name starts with “butt”.

2) In your opinion what is the best thing about living in Florida? The weather is always perfect (even hurricanes have charm here), the water’s always warm, food’s international, parties are hardcore pits of debauchery, women are all exhibitionists… But aside from all those goodies, what’s best about Florida for me is the friendly atmosphere that everyone who visits or lives here gets caught in, and I hope to showcase this Floridian trait of hospitality in my chat room every day! (I’m inclined to say it’s Hispanic candor, but keep that just between us.) :p

3) What is the last spontaneous thing you have done? I’m the sort of girl that can wake up one morning and decide from the blue of the sky it’s about time to move to another country. Growing up with my globetrotter mother has everything to do with it and I believe I’ve led the closest to a gypsy life we can get in the Americas without ever meaning to. Spontaneity is my fuel, the dice rolling on the table are the reason I’m here. The show must go on, Ad Lib dat shet!!!

So last major spontaneous? Become a camgirl! Less than a year ago I was your run-of-the-mill otaku nerd, cataloguing series, masturbating to cartoons, getting nosebleeds over BL manga, collecting ‘chivies shooting undead, Templars and dragons all night, being perverted, pondering how to become a popular girl in this grizzly zombie-infested world… Then I was asked why I didn’t do the same – But in front of a camera. A complete personality 180 and a $40 cam later I was all set up for my first broadcast ever. I haven’t stopped since.

4) Do you have any crushes on anyone at Chaturbate? Some of my favorite cams to perv out to are: AngelDeLuca (first girl to squeeze a blush of pleasure out of my pale face with the awesome presence of her ode-worthy breasts, I’ve dreamt of cuddling in between them and looking up into her eternally deep dark eyes already), RamonaFlour (I like lurking in her room to catch small bits of her refreshingly poignant chats and when my hands aren’t busy on my body I have them to my chin nodding in total agreement with lovely Flour’s slices of logic. Also rainbow hair FTW!) and VioletHayes (the curvaceous role model sempai I can’t help but fantasize about while trying to have a decent chat in her room, Violet’s personality and chatter is so hypnotizing I’ve spent hours of couchlock grinning at my tv for her).

As for fans, I have been gifted with more crushes than I can write about! I have a special chunk of concentrated love for all the gentlemen in my moderating team, from those who were there to see the very first Tokens reach the bottom of my tip jar (Snug, Allante007v3, Frog4200) to those that have joined the team since (SherlockSib, CaptinLuffySama, the_dark_void444, Thrilla365) and return daily to stroke the good rod with me. I am a very demanding girl on my Mods and they take the brunt of running a chatroom that is original and chaos-free for everyone. I love you

5) Describe a typical friday night: After spending all Friday afternoon shaking my booty in different states of cosplay (or out of it) there’s only one thing worthy of my Friday night – preparations for a weekend NerdOff with my roomies. This includes but is not limited to: baking cheesecake, daydreaming about anime, brownies, Elder Scrolls in my underwear, corn muffins, zombies, onigiri with grilled eel, assassins, seaweed, sex superdrive, passing out at 3 am. Sunday mornings though are for combating my extreme whiteness splayed on a warm South Florida beach like chicken breast on a grill. Do remember to say hi if you ever see me! :D

6) If you could go on a date with anyone dead or alive who would it be? In a dream I had some time ago, I traveled back in time to the 1950’s and met young-teen John Lennon. I took him to a café, sat him down and told him that I was there to save him from imminent death to the hand of angry industrialists, to run away with me to an age where he would be safe. To this Lennon shook his head and smiled: “I was born to die for my music. Why are you here?” He ditched me, I came back to the present. After that failed date, I decided it would be healthier to start seeing Spike Spiegel – he’s a much smoother cowboy and I’m a sucker for men with green hair.

7) What is your favorite TV show? With anime (my specialty, if I do say so myself) it’s always hard to answer this question, since the winner is decided on sheer creative genius and many series run parallel to each other in that sense. Narrowed down to ongoing series this season, I think my favorite is Kill la Kill for mind-warping animation paired with critical and analogous storytelling without forgetting of course the gore and fanservice necessary to make an action anime complete – I’m willing to bet these are the sauciest magical girls we’ll get to see for more than a few seasons. It’s a production brought to us by Gainax, the masterminds behind Neon Genesis Evangelion and Tenguen Toppa Gurren Laggan. It’s airing its 2nd popular!

8) How can the community get involved in ‘The Ingenious Quixotic Guild of La Mancha’? Somewhere in la Mancha, in a Camsite whose name I do not care to remember, a young lady knight debuted not long ago, one of those who has a webcam and ancient guild on her Bio and keeps a part of it for her most beloved Dulcinea, another for loyal Sancho who serves her, a third for her skinny nag Rocinante and last a place for the Windmill giants that occupy her dreams.

Rocinantes: Four days were spent in thinking what name to give them, because (as She said to herself) it was not right that a steed belonging to a knight so famous, and one with such merits of her own, should be without some distinctive name. You may join the stud of Rocinantes in my Guild by tipping 333 TK in a single skinny tip, you’ll receive* my personal email so we’re never out of touch and Chatroom Modding rights whenever you’re overcome with the need to trample something unpleasant afoot.

Dulcineans: Their title is Dulcineans, their country my Heart, a village of La Mancha, their rank must be at least that of princes, since they are my stars and lords, and their beauty superhuman, since all the impossible and fanciful attributes of beauty which the camgirls apply to their fans are verified in them. Enter the warm and tight confines of my Quixotic heart by tipping 777 in a single lovely tip. You will receive* my email nudies 4life + Group PVT Show/mo.) and KIK + Snapchat for 3 months!

Sanchos: They say one madman makes a hundred and love makes a thousand, or at least so said Panza. To be part of the Sanchos division of my Guild you must have proven your worth to me as loyal squire, longtime friend, precious guide and valuable patron. Tip to hit a cumulative of 999 TK within a 6-month window to earn your Sancho medal, get* my email (hot nudies once a month 4life) plus KIK for 1yr.!

Windmills: Just then they came in sight of thirty or forty Windmills that rose from a plain. And no sooner did Quixotic Butterfly see them that she said to her squire, “Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we ourselves could have wished. Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking Giants? I intend to make internet love with them and satisfy them. With their spoils we shall begin to be rich for this is a righteous war and the pleasing of so fine a brood is a service all will bless.” Earn your place as one of my Windmill Giants by tipping 1111 in one GIGANTIC tip! Receive* my email nudies 4life + Group PVT Show/mo., KIK and Snapchat for 1yr plus SNEAK PREVIEWS at events, photo sets, videos and EXCLUSIVE new content from the secret booty stash for this year’s upcoming launch of my personal website.

*All tiers of the Ingenious Quixotic Guild include your USERNAME COLOR by tier, your name on my BIO and special lovey-dovey attentions in my chatroom.

9) Do you play any games or sports? Only games I play are videogames, where I am a champion in all disciplines – assassin, warrior, mage, lancer, berserker, guitar hero, farmer, bard, street figher, sharpshooter, tomb raider and mutant antihero, etc… My favorite sport is swimming, as a kid I thought I was a mermaid princess (got fished outta the water one too many times in various stages of drowning when I’d go to the beach and tell the ocean to bow to me), eventually I went as far as joining waterpolo in high school (days of drowning ended here). Nowadays I simply enjoy ocean water against my skin, preferably in a very very tiny bikini and with little fishies nibbling at my feet.

10) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? I feel there’s few aspects of my chaturbate experience as exciting as receiving awesome or naughty presents from my near strangers, so I’ve even set up a section in my Bio specially for those generous gentlemen who have spoiled me. I’ve received 3 buttplugs (2 racoon-tail plugs, one bunny-tail plug), a naughty office-girl outfit, long wetlook gloves, kneehigh lace-up leather
boots, super-ruffled panties, Necomimi ears, a footbath to keep my tootsies sparkling for show, GTAV, a deluxe jackrabbit vibrator, a Companion Cube plushy that accompanies me every broadcast, a blown glass rose toy, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag limited edition and 3 true-to-life dildos that have become my favorites for riding on cumshows.

11) What is your favorite webcam memory? Many funny or special situations develop in my chat, but one that is always memorable was the day I broke my first personal long-standing viewer record, back in my first days of broadcasting. It was on a Friday, an especially horny Friday. After reaching goal swiftly I was setting up for a satisfying cum when suddenly my room was flooded with people gathering for the show. While I masturbated, a tipping war broke out between a group of fans… There’s nothing to get me going like a yellow wall! I came hard 3 times in a row, everyone and their uncle was licking the monitor, and in the comfort of afterglow I managed to see my user count – I blushed red with a special kind of pleasure when I realized just how many people had seen me getting off like a fiend. Whenever times get grim, I remember that day and smile. :D

12) Ever had any embarrassing moments caught on cam? I always have issues with my shows when I try to get experimental with my room layout, especially when orgasm time comes around and I discover my suction cup penis won’t adhere to plywood, or the drawer I confidently stuck it to keeps opening and closing while I try to hump it. Maybe I should be more scientific in location scouting, but without a doubt those are the silliest recurring moments in my chat and with a little wordplay I have everyone laugh it off with me. Only once did I hurt myself, when I tried to walk over my spring mattress while wearing 4-in heels. I twisted my ankle, fell and to add insult to injury bounced off the mattress onto the floor, all on cam. I slinky-ed my way into common sense, the hard way!!

13) What song can you listen to on repeat and never get tired of it? The last song I had stuck in my head on infinite loop last was “MTC” by s3rl, it has an extremely catchy Vocaloid part in it that I found myself copying in the shower. This track is relatable to me as a life goal, moral code, employment description, and kick-ass theme song.

14) Do you have any body decorations? For a brief moment during my 19th year of life, I considered a full-back mechanical dragon tattoo. I asked my older tattoo-artist brother for it and after explaining to me that what I wanted would take 3 separate tattoo sessions, he advised me to wait till the whole family was dead.

15) Are you into any fetishes? I’m into cosplay sex! Since childhood all the way to my adult life I’ve always been attracted to fantasy costumes, particularly anime related. My parents never allowed such things, so it took me a while after leaving home to remember my attraction to cosplay and seek outfits. It was a predestined romance and while I knew it was all for my private enjoyment I couldn’t help wanting more… Now I definitely have more! As a camgirl I don’t always cosplay a specific character, usually it’s a daily, unplanned sexy costume creation! Every new days’ show brings me fresh appreciation for my fetish.

16) Favorite sex position? I’ll be the millionth-and-one girl: Doggy. Nothing beats perfect penetration and getting grabbed from your hips or your shoulders and slammed into, even the bouncing of my breasts in the air is something I find erotic. Cowgirl is my next preferred, I cum faster than in any other position and I like watching my man moan when I grind my hips onto his and clench on tight to his… With my… Well, you know :D

17) In your opinion what is your best body feature? My claim to fame, the golden orb that is my ass. I have a well-proportioned body, my eyes are the stuff of magazines – but my round plump Hispanic tushy never fails to look better and larger than the rest of me, it’s got a perfect jiggle-to-firm ratio and I don’t need my hands to make it bounce hypnotically for my audience. Rather than a feature, it’d be safe to consider my ass a co-host. Make sure to check us out in action! ;)

18) Do you have a quote you live by? “That’s why I can’t let myself be tied down by fuckin’ regrets. A bitch lives free as a bird that can never be caught.” — Panty Anarchy, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

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