Model Spotlight: SentFrmHeaven

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Sentfrmheaven’s Chat Room:

1) How Long have you been cam modeling on Chaturbate? I’ve been a Cam Model on Chaturbate for about 3 years.

2) How Did you originally hear about the site? Originally, I heard about the site from a close friend who said it is where all the pervs hangout.

3) Tell us about your art and you as an artist? I have no formal training other than high school art classes. I grew up winning my art supplies because we weren’t able to afford them. Art to me a gift, my passion, and something I can say is my very own. I have made 100 custom art pieces for my friends and followers on Chaturbate. I’m currently working on my last 20 pieces for fans on Twitter. It has been the biggest art project of my life. To those people who have allowed me to make you something … Thank you!


4) What is your favorite post show activity? After every show, before every show, we listen to music. Listening to music to me is like being held.

5) What is the most Bizarre request you’ve received on cam? I am not sure that the most bizarre request I’ve received on cam can be mentioned. We do get some strange ones and a lady never kisses and tells.

6) What is the item of clothing / lingerie that makes you feel most sexy on cam? The item of clothing that makes me feel the most sexy would be a T-shirt and panties. Nothing too spectacular just simple comfortable and sexy .

7) What is your favorite gift you’ve received? I love everything I have ever received from my followers. From my Jem and the hologram earrings to my Alice in wonderland vibrator collection, from my Fox tails to my pussy necklace to my art supplies. I am grateful for everything!

8) What is your best advice for new patrons on the site? My best advice for new patrons on the site is to “Follow Me”! Lmao. Seriously just be yourself be respectful and appreciative of the beauty of the cam world. Learn who you are through your own sexuality. Talk. Express yourself. Break down your own personal barriers.

9) What has been your favorite show you have done? It is hard to pick a favorite show simply because I don’t show, I share myself with the world. What gets shown is simply what i am inspired to show at that time or a request. I did enjoy Halloween and being a nun on a porn site was amazing and so much fun to prepare for.

10) Do you have signature talents or shows your regulars look forward to? Yes..Butt Plug Tuesday! Every Tuesday I go to work with a butt plug in my butt .

11) Who would you like to meet from the site that you haven’t already? I would love to meet everybody: Melody Kush, Aella , Ramona Flour, Chronic Love, HarleyRose, Ashley Vex, Blazing Sweetheart, Artemis Moon, Doxie, Angel De Luca, Cleopatra Sinns.

12) What is one item on your wish list you’ve been dying to receive? A desk is probably my most wanted gift on my wish list . But I kinda die every time I get anything. Thankful and humble.

13) Please list some hobbies you enjoy in your free time? In my free time I like to garden. I love to read, write, draw, and listen to music. I also love to perv.

14) If you could travel anywhere where would you like to go? I would probably like to go to Japan, home of the Samurai and the Geisha. Two of the most inspirational things to me.


15) What are your favorite fetishes /requests you cater to on the site? My favorite fetishes would involve BDSM. I can be a switch so it depends on the interests of the other person.

16) What are your favorite sex toys? My favorite sex toy would be my Hitachi. It can arouse me and works well on my neck. Especially after those long days of pleasing to the masses!

17) Whats your favorite Chaturbate App? My Favorite Chaturbate App is The Notifier, Thank You, Please Follow @Sentfrmheaven_ #wheredaystrippersgotodie.

18) What’s the one thing about being a Southern Girl that people don’t know about you? The one thing about being a Southern Girl that people don’t know about me is that I do have a Moral Code even sitting on a porn site.

19) Do you have any plans for special guest appearances in the future? You never can predict who you might meet or cam with. I’ve learned to expect nothing and hope for everything.

20) Special goals for 2016? My Goals for 2016 would be to travel,learn more about myself, grow as an artist, to make new friends and continue to appreciate the old ones, and SEE my son graduate.<3<3<3<3

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