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SpecialKittyMichelle’s Chat Room:

1) What is a “Special Kitty”? “Special Kitty” is a nickname for my naughty bits! I’ve been told they have magic powers….no, it’s really just a nickname :D

2) In your opinion what is the best thing about living in Washington? Everything is so GREEN!!!! Gotta love the rain. Gotta love the people, too, because of their accepting nature of all things “different”.

3) Do you have any body art?  I have a massive tattoo of a violin and bow, some sheet music, and stargazer lilies plastered across my chest! It is still new and a work in progress, but it will make a serious impact once it’s finished! The whole piece will actually go half way down my left arm and come up over my left shoulder, snake down my spine and explode its awesomeness all over my right hip! My inspiration for it came from my love for classical music and for playing my violin. The lilies are a tribute to my grandmother, as she was responsible for piquing my interest in the musical arts, and we would plant lilies in her garden every spring.

4) When you walk into a bar, what is the first drink you order? I have only been to a bar twice in my life, and all I ordered was a beer. Go figure?

5) Describe a typical Friday night: Music, naked dancing and singing in front of my webcam on Chaturbate, playing with my Bean (not the naughty bean…well, that too, but I was meaning my puppy, haha), and on special occasions I might get some alcohol involved or venture into the unknown with some friends!

6) If you could go on a date with anyone dead or alive who would it be? Hmmmmmm…. Joshua Bell. Or Josh Groban! I’d like some of their talent to rub off on me! I mean that in the least naughty way possible… ;-)

7) Do you have any guilty pleasures? Plenty of pleasures, none of which I feel guilty about. But to be more precise, one of my most favorite indulgences is curling up with a good book and hot coffee on a cold morning. I’m so boring, haha!

8) Only using 3 words describe yourself: Spontaneous. Genuine. Nerd.

9) Have you ever been with a another girl? YES!!! During a photo shoot that began as innocently as possible, it soon turned into a 5 hour-long session…proof is in the pictures available in my bio if you care to take a peek! They give all the details necessary ;)

10) What is your favorite webcam memory? I would have to say it is a tie between the day I first tried out my hitachi (one of those “had to be there moments”) or the introduction of my special, masked guest, “Nacho”, OR (more recently) the impromptu “duet” between myself and a fellow Chaturbate member……good times!

11) Do you have any games you play with your Chaturbate followers? You know…I’ve never really played any games. But I do hold daily contests and giveaways for my tippers! Come join in on the fun and you can see how easy it is to win!

12) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything from your wishlist? Hitachi, Lelo Gigi, Lelo Nea Deep Rose, Irish Bar Maid outfit – complete with shamrock pasties, Kimono robe, Corset dress lingerie set, Satin and Lace garter lingerie set,  Fresh water pearls, Lots of panties, Faux men’s dress shirt and lingerie set, Back seam panty hoes, 2 Corsets, Sexy heels, An adorable bubble dress, Sexy pink and black cocktail dress, Rosin for my violin bow. And many have donated to the finish my tattoo and/or get a car so I don’t have to walk everywhere fund! Thank you!!!

13) What is your favorite sex position? I like being in control…so you will find me on top most of the time! However, it has recently come to my attention how much I enjoy the whole “face down, ass up” position….gives better opportunity for ass slapping – which is probably one of my favorite things during sex! Mmmmm :D

14) What is your favorite sex toy? Hmmmmm…..depends on my mood! However, my glass dildo with the pretty yellow flower in it never ceases to disappoint.

15) When you like someone how do you show it? First off, I tell them. Then, it’s all about the little gestures – notes, jokes, and sharing a little bit more about myself every day. I’m actually kinda shy so that last part is a big deal to me.

16) Do you have any crushes on Chaturbate? LEVIATHON121 (ERMAGHERD ER LERV YER!! No, really I do!) butterflyaffect/wannalesbian, jonathan_phat, persephone4hades1780, jackgellar, abefroman, fm32_fro, sdxcajun, lhguitarist and, I must mention….thetodd00 is THE SHIT ;) but really….I love all my fans! I couldn’t possibly name everyone here..

17) Ever had any embarrassing moments caught on webcam? Yes. Yes, I do. Many. So many, in fact, I think I will just leave them in the past :D

18) Name something you absolutely LOVE: My Bean. My violin. Making you laugh (at me or with me, your choice). Sex. And my bed….it’s effing fantastic!

19) Do you have a quote you live by? “If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember a thing…” – anonymous and “There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither one works.” – anonymous

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